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Trackear en nuvi 2x5w

Como hacer aparecer el menu oculto de tracklog en nuvi205w:

Donde estoy
Cruce+ Direc+Direc+Cruce (a la izquierda abajo).

From: neadrenalin

hi there!
I have created version with tracklogs for 2x5w series units.
Size : 9369321 (both versions - usual storage and sd storage included)

I have noticed interesting feature in 2x5 series: after access service menu, it enables screenshot function, that starts to shot into the \garmin\logs folder (if tracklog function is stopped), and in \garmin\logs\ddmmyy_hhmmss folder - if function is running.
Also in sd-version it stores screenshots on sd card. If there is no sd - there are no complains about it, some glitches with update UI when access the menu, but I think it does not matter.
Also error logs will be stored on SD if any appear.
So, insert SD and run.

As for another SD-enabled firmwares - somebody can create them to, this published firmware is a good example how to patch.
Probably I will do it too.

From the disadvantages and what I'm missing very ... I have found 5-6 sec delay in code, patched, but it does not work. So long access to the speedometer for this firmware is still required. Button Dump now is the tracklog function.

Any pleased comments appreciated :) Thank you for your patience.

Upd. Something strange with gps.bin file. It is absent sometimes. :(

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